Running Hugo websites on anynines

hugo-anyninesToday, we will focus on Hugo, an Open Source static website generator tool and how we can run Hugo generated sites on anynines.

Hugo installation

Let’s start our tour by installing Hugo on our local machine. The current Hugo release can be found here. After downloading the archive unzip and move the Hugo binary to a directory of your choice. For additional information using Hugo please refer to the Hugo quickstart documentation.

How to use latest Ruby versions on anynines

1000px-Ruby_logo.svgAs Ruby versions get rolled out pretty frequently we need to be able to reflect this in our applications.

Since the current Heroku buildpack version only supports ruby versions up to 2.1.2 using the default environment settings we need to use the STACK environment variable to enable Ruby versions >= 2.1.3 when pushing applications to anynines. As Heroku introduced support for stacks we need to specify the “cedar” stack to enable current ruby version support for our application.  (more…)