Getting started with Concourse CI and Docker Part 4

a9s_concourseCI_dockerCreate a pipeline to test your application using your Docker Image as a Resource.

Welcome to the last part of our series about Concourse CI and Docker. Well, we have already seen a small introduction to Concourse CI and Docker in Part I, we learned how to write a Dockerfile and build Docker Images from Dockerfiles in Part II, Part III was about building our Docker Images pipeline in Concourse CI. So let’s get through with it today with creating a pipeline to test a Go application with our Docker Image as a resource and afterwards deploying the app to anynines. (more…)

Introduction to GitLab

Introduction to GitLab
Setting up a local GitLab and managing your git-repositories

A warm welcome to you at this article about GitLab. After reading this, you should have a basic understanding about the main functions of GitLab and get to know fundamental differences between GitLab and other systems to manage your git repositories. (more…)