Service Oriented Architecture or “The Zoo of Apps” – how does it work?

Service oriented architecture has been a buzz word since many years, and rightly so. Its definition? Encapsulate distinct responsibilities into micro service components solving a small set of tasks. One then connects those micro services to a distributed system solving the more complex tasks.

PaaS systems like anynines, simplifying deployment processes, allow us to quickly deploy clusters of micro services wired to database and message queues. (more…)

Cloud Foundry Foundation and anynines

On Tuesday was the official launch  day of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. Over 40 companies support the CF Foundation and we are proud to be one of them.

cf_f_320px_3As we sat down in early 2013 to brainstorm about a name for our new hosting product – now known as anynines – none of us had an idea where our journey would lead us.

Our vision was to use an Open Source software as the basis for a safe and simple hosting service in Europe, where users have as little effort as possible deploying their apps. (more…)

Introduction to the cf command line

anynines_cheat_sheetThis article is intended for developers new to anynines and Cloud Foundry. We will walk through the typical steps to deploy an application to anynines. You will learn how to use the cf command line tools to interact with the anynines servers.


We assume that you already registered with and downloaded and installed the cf CLI tools from here.


We created a simple example application for demonstration purposes. Please have a look at it here. It is a small, standard Rails app using ActiveRecord with a MySQL backend.