a9s_swift gem update to version 0.2.1

Fog team released fog gem version 1.24.0

The fog team released version 1.24.0 of their fog gem recently. Since the maintainers of the hp provider changed the default :hp_service_type configuration we had to adjust our a9s_swift helper gem. With this adjustment we’re overwriting the default value for this configuration to support the new fog version. If you are interested in the details just have a look at the commit.

Please ensure to update the a9s_swift gem to version 0.2.1 if you are using fog 1.24.0.

As we intend to switch our default configuration to the fog OpenStack provider, we created a pull request to implement public_url generation. You can have a look at the pull request here. As soon as the request is merged and a new fog version is released we will drop a9s_swift’s support for the hp provider and use OpenStack as the standard provider for initializing fog, Carrierwave and Paperclip.

Happy coding

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