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Rubyists in Ghent – a recap of arrrrcamp

A recap of Arrrrcamp 2014 – written by Floor Drees October 2nd and 3rd were all about arrrrcamp, an annual Ruby conference in Ghent, Belgium. I got to co-organize a hackathon improving the Rails Girls guides and website there. Of course I also summarized my favorite talks.

A rubyist at a EuroPython conference. Day 4.

The EuroPython 2014 conference (@europython) took place late July at the BCC Berlin (Alexanderstraße 11). Find my highlights of day 4 below. Thursday July 24 Writing Awesome Command-Line Programs in Python Mark Smith works for FanDuel and based his EuroPython talk on David Bryant Copeland’s book Build Awesome Command Line Applications in Ruby. As his… Read more »