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A rubyist at a EuroPython conference. Day 3.

The EuroPython 2014 conference (@europython) took place late July at the BCC Berlin (Alexanderstraße 11). I’ve summarized my favorite talks from day 3. Wednesday July 23 Design considerations while evaluating, developing and deploying a distributed task processing system Konark Modi (@konarkmodi) recommends Celery as ‘one of the most robust, scalable, extendable and easy-to-implement framework available… Read more »

A rubyist at the EuroPython conference. Day 2.

The EuroPython 2014 conference took place last week at the BCC Berlin (Alexanderstraße 11). As I attended Brighton Ruby on Monday, you will have to do without a summary of that day. Summarized are my favorite talks. Tuesday July 22 For Hynek Schlawack’s (@hynek) The Sorry State of SSL talk I should refer to his… Read more »

Brighton Ruby in a nutshell (sort of)

Sunday I embarked on a crazy travel to Brighton, to attend Brighton Ruby ( @brightonruby) the day after – only to board the plane that would bring me from London back to Berlin little after the forlast talk. Naturally I summarized everything for your enjoyment. May the Ruby be with you Terence Lee (@Hone02) and… Read more »