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Meeting Rubyists in Vienna

The Vienna Ruby User Group meetup yesterday felt a bit like a home-coming party to me as I actually cofounded it. I am happy to see that many Rubyists make their way to sektor5 every month to share a drink and knowledge. Let’s get straight to the summarizing the talks part! iPhone Apps with RubyMotion… Read more »

Deploy your Padrino app on anynines in 3 steps

Matthias Günther (@wikimatze) runs vimberlin, a gathering for Vim-enthusiasts and is currently writing on his Padrino Book. As such he teamed up with our support team to write a How-to guide for Padrino deployments on anynines. Padrino is a Ruby framework built upon the Sinatra web library, created to make it easy to code more… Read more »