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How to deploy Ruby applications with private repos

Gems in private repositories to build applications When it comes to Ruby development we often rely on Open Source libraries (gems) to implement our applications. And we rely on Bundler to take care of our gem dependencies and versioning.*

Cloud Foundry – How to set up an app deployment manifest

Define your application deployments with deployment manifest files The anynines PaaS allows you to define your application deployments using deployment manifest files. A deployment manifest is a yaml file describing all needed configuration options for your application’s runtime. The cf push command will automatically look for a file named manifest.yml in your current directory and… Read more »

Zero Downtime deployments on anynines

Preface As a software provider you want to avoid downtimes for your application. On the other hand you have to ensure the growth and quality of your applications by providing new features and adjustments and deploy them as soon as possible. anynines allows you to deploy your changes without any downtime by using two different… Read more »