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Blue-Green Deployment

Back in the day, deployment used to describe just the process of publishing your new features on the production server. Nowadays, the deployment process is more complex. Continuous Delivery is one of the methods, which is commonly used. Continuous Delivery aims on releasing software in short cycles. This way you can reduce cost, time and… Read more »

First Steps with Elasticsearch

What is Elasticsearch actually you might wonder? Well, it’s a search engine! Elasticsearch is Open-Source and based on Lucene. It helps you to search in Big Data with an amazing speed. You can run Elasticsearch on a single node or use a cluster with more than 100 servers so queries can run simultaneously on several… Read more »

Cloud infrastructures – Building clusters

Many of you may wonder why do I put this blogpost online. The answer is quite simple, I want to share our knowledge about the basics of technology, so you can  understand better how most of the apps work. Software gets more and more complex and you should try to keep things as easy as… Read more »