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Taming Microservices with Cloud Foundry and DevOps

As we all know, Microservices have some benefits. In summary: They encapsulate logic that belongs together, enforce the cohesion and fit perfectly into an agile development process since a well-designed Microservice architecture is able to mature over time without putting much effort on this.

a9s Service Framework – A Platform for Data Holding Systems

As you probably know, anynines is build on top of Cloud Foundry which lets you easily deploy and scale applications in a just few minutes. There is a restriction, though: to profit from Cloud Foundry functionality, your application should be build on a shared nothing architecture which means it should be stateless.

Introduction to the user invitation feature

With this blog post we want to inform you that it’s worth to risk a look at our customer panel. You are now able to invite collaborators into your anynines organizations and spaces. You can find the feature labeled as ‘Permissions’ at the top navigation bar where you are able to invite coworkers to your… Read more »