Posts By: Robert Gogolok

Xenial Default Stemcell

As of April 2019, Ubuntu Trusty stemcells will no longer receive support from the BOSH community. As of February 2019, the a9s Data Services won’t support Ubuntu Trusty stemcells anymore. Customers should start switching to Ubuntu Xenial as of release v1.44.0. The anynines-deployment major release 2.0.0 supports Ubuntu Xenial as default stemcell. The Ubuntu trusty… Read more »

Generating PDF’s with Prawn and Ruby

In this post we will generate PDF’s with Ruby, exploring the exemplary use case of creating customer invoices. In order to output PDF’s from your (custom) billing system, you’ll need a library that exports PDF’s. There are different ways to achieve HTML to PDF conversion in Ruby. Let’s take a closer look. HTML to PDF… Read more »