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How to setup continuous deployment with anynines and

Minimize time between development and code being used in production At anynines we deploy several times a day and even though we used custom scripts, it still took us tons of time to deploy every application following the green-blue deployment process by hand. That’s why we decided to do continuous deployments, and you should probably… Read more »

Sidekiq and Rails background jobs on anynines

In a growing system, you will some times need to run extensive and complex tasks, which, because of their resulting accumulated load time, are not fit to process within a single request. This is where background jobs come in.  

How to schedule background jobs using the clockwork-gem

First of all the most obvious question has to be discussed: Why we can’t just use cron for scheduled jobs? An essential part of a PaaS is to isolate running application instances from another. Therefore all application instances run in so called Warden containers. Warden is an operating system level virtualization framework shipped with Cloud Foundry,… Read more »