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Application Platforms

After the walkthrough on how to build clusters, we have seen how many moving parts even a simple application cluster may have: load balancers with a cluster manager, application servers, database servers with replication and a database cluster manager, an object store, just to name a few.

How Software Development has Changed over the Years

Impact of a digital transformation on software development Introduction In the past 10 years software development has changed significantly. So did software operations. Software development and operations form a continuous interplay. Let’s have a closer look,  outline these changes and see how they lead to the emergence of modern application platforms. Find the cutting edge… Read more »

A Digital Transformation Case Study

This blogpost is based on my talk at the Pivotal Digital Transformation Forum 2016 in Istanbul. In today’s world, even for big industrial companies, the Digital Transformation is an absolute must; not only because industrial companies want a Digital Transformation, but also because the competition makes them do so.