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TechTalks – K8s in Focus – The Community’s POV on Kubernetes Growth

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TechTalks TechTalks is a new series we start as part of anynines content creation in order to discuss all tech, cloud and open source related. We intend to have interviews and panels aiming to include corporate, customers and community, to share opinions, experiences and challenges of the Digital Transformation era. Focus K8s – The Community… Read more »

Zero To Hero – Book Tips To Start Your Kubernetes Journey

Zero To Hero Series: Books Tips for K8s beginners
This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series K8s: Zero To Hero

Zero To Hero is a series we started to incentivise people to learn about Kubernetes. Each part of this series has the intention to help folks from all levels of knowledge, starting with the basics to advanced, learning new stacks and getting deeper in concepts and niches inside the field. In this article, we start… Read more »

Best Books to Read to Advance Your Career in Tech

Best Books to Read to Advance Your Career in Tech

There is no difference between looking for a job when you have just graduated from college or you are thinking about a career change. Both need proper knowledge. Although finding a new opportunity seems challenging, there are some ways to prepare ourselves, learning from other people’s experiences.  Let’s continue reading this article and find out… Read more »