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How to Push Apps to Cloud Foundry With a Sidecar to Stream Metrics to Prometheus

How to push apps to Cloud Foundry with a sidecar to stream metrics to Prometheus -Header image

Introduction Retrieving application metrics is usually not difficult. Simply implement a metrics endpoint and let Prometheus, for example, query that endpoint. But why is it the problem when you deploy an application on Cloud Foundry?  If you deploy your application to a platform like Cloud Foundry, you will eventually run into problems. Most likely the… Read more »

Using BOSH multi-CPI feature to deploy to different IaaS

Using BOSH multi-CPI feature to deploy to different IaaS | Benjamin Guttman - DevOps anynines Blogpost Header Image

Introduction We have a vSphere installation with two data centers and thought about the possibility of adding a third availability zone without requiring an additional DC for a while. Therefore we thought about the option to move the third availability zone to AWS. With the multi-CPI feature introduced in BOSH version v261+, the initial blocker… Read more »