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Cyberduck – your best friend with Swift Service

anynines’ Swift Service is a great tool enabling your apps to store files in our cloud storage solution. When you’re using it with your application, it might be handy to browse the anynines Swift storage with a GUI client. Cyberduck is a great GUI client that can be used as OpenStack Swift browser to transfer… Read more »

The anynines development pipeline – here’s how we tick

To create modern user experiences and products it is crucial to not only master the technological aspects but to establish a well organized development cycle transforming customer demands to integrated features of a software system. This article gives a short overview of our development process and methodologies.  

Service Oriented Architecture or “The Zoo of Apps” – how does it work?

Service oriented architecture has been a buzz word since many years, and rightly so. Its definition? Encapsulate distinct responsibilities into micro service components solving a small set of tasks. One then connects those micro services to a distributed system solving the more complex tasks. PaaS systems like anynines, simplifying deployment processes, allow us to quickly… Read more »