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The anynines development pipeline – here’s how we tick

To create modern user experiences and products it is crucial to not only master the technological aspects but to establish a well organized development cycle transforming customer demands to integrated features of a software system. This article gives a short overview of our development process and methodologies.  

Service Oriented Architecture or “The Zoo of Apps” – how does it work?

Service oriented architecture has been a buzz word since many years, and rightly so. Its definition? Encapsulate distinct responsibilities into micro service components solving a small set of tasks. One then connects those micro services to a distributed system solving the more complex tasks. PaaS systems like anynines, simplifying deployment processes, allow us to quickly… Read more »

Hello, OpenStack Icehouse.

We are excited about the final release of OpenStack Icehouse. Since the Icehouse Design Summit in Hong-Kong the team of contributors added a new integrated component (Trove), completed more than 350 feature blueprints and fixed almost 3000 reported bugs. So, what’s new (read: updated) in OpenStack 2014.1? Find source code and a complete lists of… Read more »