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Introduction to GitLab

Setting up a local GitLab and managing your git-repositories A warm welcome to you at this article about GitLab. After reading this, you should have a basic understanding about the main functions of GitLab and get to know fundamental differences between GitLab and other systems to manage your git repositories.

Blue-Green Deployment

Back in the day, deployment used to describe just the process of publishing your new features on the production server. Nowadays, the deployment process is more complex. Continuous Delivery is one of the methods, which is commonly used. Continuous Delivery aims on releasing software in short cycles. This way you can reduce cost, time and… Read more »

Getting started with Concourse CI and Docker Part 3

Setting up a local Concourse CI and creating a Dockerfile pipeline. Welcome to the third part of our series concerning Concourse CI and Docker. In the first one you got a brief overview about Concourse CI in general and a very quick ‘getting started’ guide for Docker. The second part was about writing an independent… Read more »