Welcome Wednesday – Kristela Kaja

Kristela Kaja - Working Student - Cloud Native Applications Development Team
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This week we get to know a little more about Kristela Kaja, an explorer from Albania, who is part of our Cloud Native Application Development team.

 Kristela enjoys discovering new places and learning about new cultures, she is a student of the Computer Science Master’s Degree program of the University of Saarland, and she is incredibly talented and displays great leadership skills.

Her path looks brilliant from where we are standing, and we can already foresee that this “bug” hunter will go far and as fast as an F1 car.


Donations For Animal Shelters Fill Our Hearts With Puppy Love!

Melanie Siemann delivers the donation to the Animal Shelter Berta Bruch.

Origin of the idea

You know – we love dogs! And because of our particular affinity for four-legged friends in the office, the anynines team decided to collect donations for animal shelters as part of our office dog day.

Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of many people in our team, a considerable sum was collected, and we decided to divide it between our two favourite animal shelters. 


Welcome Wednesday – Pascal Hennen

Welcome to the Team - Pascal Hennen

This week we welcome the self-described passionate gamer and living jukebox, Pascal Hennen. 

Pascal is a Saarland native with a brilliant sense of humour. He is completing his Master’s Degree in Computer Science, and just joined anynines as a working student in the a9s Data Services team.

Mr Hennen is incredibly friendly and always has a big smile and jokes to lighten the mood.