High Availability Cloud Data Management – How our Team masters the Data Service Challenge

Cloud Computing has changed the way applications are being developed and how services are being operated. The a9s Data Services team has always been part of this change by leveraging popular open-source data services and making them consumable on modern Application Developer Platforms, commonly known as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

However, operating high availability data service clusters at scale comes with many challenges. Learn how our team of highly skilled professionals solves those challenges, so that companies can focus on their core business objectives rather than on operational overhead.


Kubernetes Kills OpenStack

Kubernetes kills OpenStack - Julian Fischer

The article in German: DATACENTER INSIDER

Kubernetes gaining more and more momentum over the last few years, it appears to start stealing the thunder from other technologies. Hence, the question arises whether Kubernetes threatens the existence of OpenStack. 

Hereto: Julian Fischer, CEO of the  anynines GmbH, Berlin with his Insider’s viewpoint.

Beyond any doubt, OpenStack has its own problems anyway. Quite a few experts have underestimated the difficulty to transform any given data center into a modern virtualized infrastructure. Many of them failed for technical or financial reasons. Lack of either stability or economic efficiency are only two of manifold reasons why such enterprises may have been terminated at an early stage.


Kubernetes: Finalizers and Custom Controllers

Kubernetes: Finalizers and Custom Controllers
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Kubernetes Finalizers

Authors: Matthew Doherty, Philipp Kuntz, Robert Gogolok

In the latest blog post, we provided an introduction to Kubernetes Finalizers.
In the introduction, we covered the basic mechanics of how finalizers allow controllers to implement asynchronous pre-delete hooks. Simply put they inform the Kubernetes control plane that action needs to take place before Kubernetes garbage collection logic can be performed.

In this article, we take finalizers a step further by performing the resulting actions of a resource deletion with the help of a custom controller.