Welcome Wednesday: Ankita Sharma

This Wednesday we officially welcome on board Ankita Sharma. A whip-smart and promising young woman from India, who’s been building her career in marketing and tech, and came to anynines to complete the team as product marketeer. But there’s more to Ankita, she is a brilliant artist and her sketches are breathtaking, she talks about it and some other hobbies in the interview below.


OSB API: The solution for Managed Services on Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes?

Launched in 2013 as a project by Cloud Foundry and officially released in 2016, the Open Service Broker API (OSB API) is an API definition that specifies an interface for provisioning and managing services on cloud-native platforms.

As a provider of tailored Cloud Platform Solutions, which also includes Data Services for Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes, we want to present to you how we currently use the OSB API and what potential it offers for making data services consumable across or even outside of popular cloud-native platforms such as Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes. Moreover, we want to also share some important decisions we made during the process of developing our Data Services for Kubernetes.