KubeCon Europe 2022 and DoK Day EU Are Back

KubeCon and DoK Day EU 2022

After a while, with most online streams and virtual meetings, KubeCon and DoK Day EU were back to in-person events in Valencia, Spain.

The beautiful Spanish coastal city received people from all over the world to talk about Kubernetes and celebrate its community.

Some of our team members were there in person and shared some of the highlights of both events.


Welcome Wednesday – Heitor Meira de Melo

Employee Introduction - Heitor Meira de Melo

This Wednesday we will learn a bit more about one of our teammates, a prolific content creator from South America, Platform Engineer, Heitor Meira de Melo. 

Heitor is a Brazilian native and works remotely from the warm embrace of that “terrinha maravilhosa” – just to type down this line, made this writer smile with the memory of her native country -, and for our luck, he joined our Data Services’ team a couple of years ago.

With a heart of gold and a lot of love for what he does, Heitor captivates the audience in his participation in conferences. And has amazing ideas to contribute by sharing his knowledge and learning something new. 


TechTalks – K8s in Focus – The Community’s POV on Kubernetes Growth

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TechTalks is a new series we start as part of anynines content creation in order to discuss all tech, cloud and open source related.

We intend to have interviews and panels aiming to include corporate, customers and community, to share opinions, experiences and challenges of the Digital Transformation era.

Focus K8s – The Community POV on Kubernetes Growth

anynines, as a Digital Transformation company, is constantly looking at the future, new stack and trends. This way, we better attend to our customers and partners, whilst being supportive within the communities we are part of.

And the Kubernetes community has such an important voice in its own niche that no one in the cloud technology field could nor should ignore. 

We decided to start a two-part series inside TechTalks, where we are focusing on K8s. With its adoption and incredible growth, it was only fitting that we start by looking into its effects and changes within the Kubernetes community. 

This way, to get the inside scoop on the community’s point of view, we talked with CNCF Ambassador, Data on Kubernetes Head of Community, amateur rapper, and tech from the human side, Bart Farrell.