2022 Events We Are Excited For!

Events We Are Excited For In 2022

Since 2021 was an atypical year, to say the least, surely everyone is very hopeful about what 2022 will bring to us.

While most of our meetings continued to be online, some tech events this year were again presential, bringing communities together in person again.

Here, hoping this will continue to happen,  and that we will get to see our industry colleagues again, on and offline, we are listing the tech events we are excited about in the year to come.


Welcome Wednesday – Matteo Olivi

Welcome Wednesday - Matteo Olivi
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This week in our employee introduction series we get to know a bit more about one of our Cloud Platform Engineers.

With a brilliant mind and a heart of gold, Matteo Olivi, pursued a career to better understand the world of software, after leaving beautiful Bologna to explore the world, he came to anynines, where he fitted right into the team. 

Since then, Matteo has been diving deeper into cloud computing infrastructure and distributed systems, and we are excited to see what is next for him.


Autumn Bike Tour In Saarland

Bike Tour in Saarland
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Even though it’s late in the year, it doesn’t mean it’s not a good time for a bike tour. 

At least in the wonderful region around the Saarschleife, with its magnificent views and the beautiful Autumn colours of the trees on the hillsides.

Since cycling is more fun with friends, the idea was born to organize a tour with colleagues from anynines. A small group quickly signed up and we were able to agree on a date. Due to various personal matters, we ended up with 6 people. But hey… We still had tons of fun.