Zero To Hero – Book Tips To Start Your Kubernetes Journey

Zero To Hero Series: Books Tips for K8s beginners
This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series K8s: Zero To Hero

Zero To Hero is a series we started to incentivise people to learn about Kubernetes.

Each part of this series has the intention to help folks from all levels of knowledge, starting with the basics to advanced, learning new stacks and getting deeper in concepts and niches inside the field.

In this article, we start from the very beginning with an introduction to what Kubernetes does and with a list of essentials for you to get started.

We wish you a happy Kubernetes journey!


anynines’ Predictions for 2022

Cloud Computing Predictions by Julian Fischer for 2022

At the end of 2021, TFiR interviewed our CEO, Julian Fischer, asking him about his predictions for 2022 in Cloud Native Computing with a spotlight on Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes. We have summarized a brief overview of the essential key points for you.

In a brief introduction, Julian characterizes anynines as a digital transformation company focusing on tailored cloud technology solutions. Making life easier for developers and ultimately businesses through data service automation and building and maintaining application developer platforms is one of the core missions of anynines’ product portfolio.