How To Boost Your Efficiency When Working From Home Office

Home Office, Photo by Grovemade
Photo by Grovemade

Working from home is a dream for most people. At anynines we have the possibility and flexibility of the home office anytime we need, and it is very useful. Imagine you have a doctor’s appointment in your neighborhood, so you can work from home, and go to your appointment easily on time, especially when you live in a metropolis like Berlin.

During this pandemic situation of Coronavirus, for the safety and health of our employees,  we have decided to move our whole business to the permanent Home Office until further notice. 

If you are new to Home Office or working remotely, you should know that changing from home mode to work mode has its challenges. With some small steps, this transition can be speeded-up. 

Here is an overview of necessary equipment and hints for your Home Office and Remote Work: 


International Women’s Day – March 8th

March 8th is International Women’s Day, the day that marks the fight for women’s rights.  It is a great occasion to celebrate women’s achievements and the remarkable advancement they have made in the workplace.  It has not been an easy fight, and it is not over yet. Many countries still struggle with some basic rights such as the right to education, vote, work, or holding a public office.   

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Fun facts about anynines’ name

Names. Most of them have histories, some of them have interesting ones. Names such as our first and last names. First names may be the name of our parents’ favorite character in a book or a movie and our last names can be related to our ancestors’ occupation or profession, or even their hometown.

There is no doubt that choosing a brand name is one of the most important elements of starting a business or a new product, or even re-branding.

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