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What is anynines and what can it do for you?

What is anynines and what can it do for you? First things first, anynines is a 100% European Platform as a Service (PaaS). But it is way more than just a PaaS, we’ll get to this later. Let’s first answer some questions you might have at this point.

anynines is going live – best time to give it a go!

This is an article about anynines – from the very beginning to the final going out of beta. If you want to learn about anynines history, keep on reading – if you’re eager to know what will happen in the future, hop to the last paragraph of this post!

Cloud Foundry Foundation and anynines

On Tuesday was the official launch  day of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. Over 40 companies support the CF Foundation and we are proud to be one of them. As we sat down in early 2013 to brainstorm about a name for our new hosting product – now known as anynines – none of us had an idea where… Read more »