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Cloud Native Meetup Saar #3

Everything you missed in the third edition of the event from rap battles to KUDO What is it all about? Recently, anynines co-hosted the Cloud Native Meetup Saar #3 with p3r. The digital event was super successful and fun, it was live-streamed via Twitch, and we are now sharing the content on our YouTube channel…. Read more »

OSB API: The solution for Managed Services on Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes?

Launched in 2013 as a project by Cloud Foundry and officially released in 2016, the Open Service Broker API (OSB API) is an API definition that specifies an interface for provisioning and managing services on cloud-native platforms. As a provider of tailored Cloud Platform Solutions, which also includes Data Services for Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes,… Read more »

Prometheus Pushgateway on Cloud Foundry with Basic Authentication

Prometheus Pushgateway on Cloud Foundry with Basic Authentication

Authentication methods are currently not supported in Prometheus, nor its related components like the Pushgateway. However, this can be added via reverse proxies. Pushing it as an app to Cloud Foundry with neither the go-buildpack nor the binary-buildpack will give you such functionality. The staticfile-buildpack supports configuring basic authentication. This article describes how to push… Read more »