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How to setup continuous deployment with anynines and

Minimize time between development and code being used in production At anynines we deploy several times a day and even though we used custom scripts, it still took us tons of time to deploy every application following the green-blue deployment process by hand. That’s why we decided to do continuous deployments, and you should probably… Read more »

anynines moves from a rented VMware to a self-hosted OpenStack infrastructure

anynines and Cloud Foundry anynines is based on Cloud Foundry, an open source platform as a service framework. Thanks to an installation automation technology called Bosh, one of Cloud Foundry’s advantages is infrastructure agnosticism. This means that there is no tight coupling of anynines to any infrastructure provider. anynines’ start on VMware Cloud Foundry’s early… Read more »

Protecting custom domains with HTTPS and custom SSL certificates

Per default every application deployed on anynines is accessible via a subdomain of for both HTTP and SSL protected HTTPS. However, in most cases applications should be accessible via a custom domain and, of course, this should be also possible via HTTP and HTTPS. Anynines is based on Cloud Foundry, an open source PaaS. Hence, it… Read more »