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MongoDB – What Is It and When Should I Use It?

MongoDB - What Is It and When Should I Use It?

Always wondered what a NoSQL database and specifically MongoDB is? Then you are exactly right here. In the following, we will explain the strengths and weaknesses of NoSQL databases. You will learn when it makes sense to use such a database and when it makes sense to stick with a more classical and historically known… Read more »

First Steps with Elasticsearch

What is Elasticsearch actually you might wonder? Well, it’s a search engine! Elasticsearch is Open-Source and based on Lucene. It helps you to search in Big Data with an amazing speed. You can run Elasticsearch on a single node or use a cluster with more than 100 servers so queries can run simultaneously on several… Read more »

CouchDB, the Cluster of unreliable commodity hardware

Welcome back in the database land. Today we will examine another one of the document based databases. The first questions is: What is different between Mongo and Couch? Well, a lot. Even though they use the same way of storing data, JSON structures, both are more like cousins than siblings. CouchDB is sometimes also called… Read more »