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MongoDB – What Is It and When Should I Use It?

MongoDB - What Is It and When Should I Use It?

Always wondered what a NoSQL database and specifically MongoDB is? Then you are exactly right here. In the following, we will explain the strengths and weaknesses of NoSQL databases. You will learn when it makes sense to use such a database and when it makes sense to stick with a more classical and historically known… Read more »

What is MongoDB? Is it edible?

You are probably here because our first articles baited you, or you came via Google and think about using MongoDB in your application. You probably want to know, how to use it to get an advantage over a relational database like Postgres. Let us first revise the CAP theorem for a second.

anynines is going live – best time to give it a go!

This is an article about anynines – from the very beginning to the final going out of beta. If you want to learn about anynines history, keep on reading – if you’re eager to know what will happen in the future, hop to the last paragraph of this post!