Version 2.1.0 – Release Notes | a9s Data Services for Pivotal Cloud Foundry

We are proud to introduce new versions of our a9s Data Services tiles. They are all available in version v2.1.0, which brings a lot of improvements and new features. 

All tiles are now compatible with PCF v2.1.x, v2.2.x, v2.3.x, and v2.4.x. They only require the Pivotal Application Services.

New Features

Consul Domain configurable

The consul domain within the tile can now be configured to allow the adding of a9s Consul clusters to the company’s name server even if more than one PCF Foundations are installed.

BOSH DNS Handler

Alternatively, instead of adding the a9s Consul cluster for name resolving the a9s Data Service Instances, now it is possible to add a BOSH DNS Handler to the diego cells. This reduces the efforts for the installation process of the a9s Data Service tile and makes changes in the company’s name server obsolete. Checkout the name resolving documentation in the Operators Guide.

a9s-pg Backup

Each a9s Data Service tile contains a subset of the a9s Data Services Framework. Part of this framework is the a9s-pg, which is a PostgreSQL cluster to store persistent information of the framework. With version v2.1.0 the a9s Data Service tile provides a way to backup the a9s-pg.

Instance Sharing

All a9s Data Services now support instance sharing between orgs and spaces, see documentation.

Update Xenial

Canonical will end support for Ubuntu Trusty in April 2019. Even security fixes will no longer be available. All service instances and the management VMs will be running on Ubuntu Xenial stemcells. To update existing service instances, you can follow this guide.

Breaking Changes

  • BOSH Post Deploy Scripts
  • Post Deploy Scripts must be enabled in the Ops Director to create a9s MongoDB instances.
  • PCF v1.12.x and PCF v2.0.x are no longer supported.

Where can I download the a9s Data Services

a9s Elasticsearch for PCF

a9s LogMe for PCF

a9s MongoDB for PCF

a9s MySQL for PCF

a9s PostgreSQL for PCF

a9s RabbitMQ for PCF

a9s Redis for PCF


You Need Help?

For more information about the new version 2.1.0 for PCF tiles feel free to contact our support.
Note that we also provide a free support to get your proof of concept installation running.

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