Welcome to the anynines blog

Anynines is an upcoming PaaS written in Ruby. A hosting that grows with your apps!

Additionaly, one of anynines’ goals is to make PaaS both affordable and compliant to European privacy laws.

It’s more than just business. Anynines supports selected non-profit open source and charity projects with free hosting, being itself based on the Cloud Foundry software! This will allow a fair cost-by-cause-based pricing while still returning something to the community. A sort of Fair Trade hosting.

The engine behind anynines is Avarteq, a German Ruby shop founded in late 2008. It’s been many projects since then and Avarteq has grown from 3 to over 30 people, becoming a rock solid organization with profound Ruby and Ruby on Rails knowledge for both development and operations.

Reading this blog will keep you up to date with our activities pushing Cloud Foundry and anynines forwards.

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