anynines ships MongoDB services for Pivotal Cloud Foundry

anynines MongoDB Pivotal
We are very proud to announce our release of a Pivotal Cloud Foundry® data service tile based on open source MongoDB.

As Joshua McKenty, senior director of Global Ecosystem Engineering at Pivotal, declared:

“Flexible data services are an absolutely critical component of cloud-native applications deployed to Pivotal Cloud Foundry“.

By using the „a9s MongoDB for PCF“ tile – PCF users are able to provision fully configured MongoDB instances on demand in a few minutes.
Each MongoDB instance runs on dedicated VMs and takes advantage of clearly defined CPU, I/O, networking and disk resources. The provisioned MongoDB instances can vary in their performance and availability by choosing different service plans.
Three node replica sets and three different availability zones are used to maximize the availability.

The data service uses BOSH to provision single-server instances or multi-server clusters in a reliable, repeatable way on every infrastructure, Cloud Foundry can be deployed to. There is also no restriction whether it’s a public or private cloud.

The MongoDB services further profits from BOSHs self-healing which automatically repairs failing nodes.

An evaluation version of the MongoDB service tile for Pivotal Cloud Foundry is now available in the Pivotal Network. Commercial licenses are available and can be obtained from us.

Just contact us for further information.

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