Kubernetes Kills OpenStack

Kubernetes kills OpenStack - Julian Fischer

Kubernetes gaining more and more momentum over the last few years, it appears to start stealing the thunder from other technologies. Hence, the question arises whether Kubernetes threatens the existence of OpenStack. 

Hereto: Julian Fischer, CEO of the  anynines GmbH, Berlin with his Insider’s viewpoint.

Beyond any doubt, OpenStack has its own problems anyway. Quite a few experts have underestimated the difficulty to transform any given data center into a modern virtualized infrastructure. Many of them failed for technical or financial reasons. Lack of either stability or economic efficiency are only two of manifold reasons why such enterprises may have been terminated at an early stage.


International Migrants Day – Learn How to Join an International Team

International Migrants Day

Photo by slon_dot_pics from Pexels

December 18th is called “International Migrants Day” and is celebrated with different activities all around the world.

Migration in our company is referred to as moving to cloud technologies. But today, we decided to focus on people’s migration. 

Migration has been a courageous expression of the individuals, coming out of their comfort zones, leaving their loved ones and their nation, and moving to a new culture and environment. 

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International Systems Engineer Day 2020 – Meet Our Secret Heroes

System Engineers Day

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Hello to November 27th. Today is a special day for us, as we are lucky to have “Systems Engineers” in between our colleagues to celebrate this day with them.

Happy Systems Engineer Day

We are reading this article, or sitting in front of a laptop, scrolling through a browser on our smartphone, each of these, is proof of a Systems Engineer’s significant role in our lives.

They are sitting in front of at least one computer, every day, and helping to make the world a better place to live in. 

Let’s celebrate “International Systems Engineer Day” together.