Autumn Bike Tour In Saarland

Bike Tour in Saarland
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Even though it’s late in the year, it doesn’t mean it’s not a good time for a bike tour. 

At least in the wonderful region around the Saarschleife, with its magnificent views and the beautiful Autumn colours of the trees on the hillsides.

Since cycling is more fun with friends, the idea was born to organize a tour with colleagues from anynines. A small group quickly signed up and we were able to agree on a date. Due to various personal matters, we ended up with 6 people. But hey… We still had tons of fun. 


Welcome Wednesday – Paul Eichler

Welcome Wednesday - Paul Eichler

This Wednesday we get to know a bit more about Paul Eichler, Working Student Platform Engineer. He comes from lovely Saarland and loves all aspects of his career path, including tutoring and spreading knowledge.

This friendly guy has a passion for motorcycles and old cars. Getting his hands dirty with vintage engines brings for him a great balance in contrast with working in tech engineering solutions virtually.


Cloud Native Saar Meetup 4#

Everything you need to know about Cloud Native Saar 4

Our fourth edition of the Cloud Native Saar Meetup happened on the 10th of November of 2021, and this time it was another success with a couple of extra-special details.

Our event has now become an official chapter of CNCF’s official calendar, and for that occasion, we were given an exclusive space for discussions and news at their website.

We have also started a Twitter channel to be closer to our audience and to share news of our current, past and upcoming events. 

We had two amazing speakers this time, and their speeches were very well balanced. Whilst one went down a more organisational path, the second was technical and practical.