How to Push Apps to Cloud Foundry With a Sidecar to Stream Metrics to Prometheus

How to push apps to Cloud Foundry with a sidecar to stream metrics to Prometheus -Header image


Retrieving application metrics is usually not difficult. Simply implement a metrics endpoint and let Prometheus, for example, query that endpoint. But why is it the problem when you deploy an application on Cloud Foundry?

 If you deploy your application to a platform like Cloud Foundry, you will eventually run into problems. Most likely the endpoint cannot be easily retrieved from a running Prometheus instance to be scraped. 


KubeCon Europe 2022 and DoK Day EU Are Back

KubeCon and DoK Day EU 2022

After a while, with most online streams and virtual meetings, KubeCon and DoK Day EU were back to in-person events in Valencia, Spain.

The beautiful Spanish coastal city received people from all over the world to talk about Kubernetes and celebrate its community.

Some of our team members were there in person and shared some of the highlights of both events.