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Error Handling in GO

Error Handling & Abstraction in GO

GO uses its capability to return multiple values for error handling, meaning that errors in go are regular values returned from a function. The developer must check the returned error value and handle it accordingly. Error handling can quickly become non-trivial. You may want to change your behaviour if an error occurs, either substitute the… Read more »

GoLab 2019 – Gophers in Firenze

GoLab 2019 - Gophers in Firenze article header Image

This year, my colleague Patrick and I had the chance to visit the GoLab 2019, an international conference about Go placed in Florence, Italy.Due to our addiction to Golang we were really excited to visit this developer conference.

dotGo Paris 2019 – A Trip Report

On the 25th of March myself and Robert had the pleasure of visiting the dotGo conference in Paris. Having taken the train from Germany the day before and had a brief wander around the city, we woke up keen to learn what the conference had to offer.