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Sven Schmidt

Published at 18.04.2019

Announcing the End-of-Life for cflinuxfs2

As you might know, Ubuntu 14.04 is nearing its end of life at the end of April.

Therefore it will no longer receive security updates and fixes. We recently added the cflinuxfs3 stack to anynines, which is based on Ubuntu 18.04. Running your apps on an operating system that is end of life and will not receive further security updates is dangerous.

Therefore we decided that we will discontinue the support of this old stack one month after Ubuntu ends the support. But do not worry, the migration is easy, usually painless and only takes about 2-3 minutes per app.

Table of Contents

  • What do I need to do?
  • Why can’t you do this for me?
  • How much time do I have?
What do I need to do?

We already set up cflinuxfs3 as default stack for new applications. Applications that exist for longer, need to be migrated, but don’t worry, it is a rather easy migration.

To check which stack an application uses run `cf app ` and look for `stack: cflinuxfs2` or `cflinuxfs3`.

You can also see it in stratos. There you can simply navigate to your application, select it and see the stack under build info.

There are two ways to upgrade to cflinuxfs3:

  • You simply add stack: cflinuxfs3 like this to your manifest and push your app.

- name: stratos-green memory: 1512M disk_quota: 1024M timeout: 180 buildpack: health-check-type: port stack: cflinuxfs3

  • You can also use the -s flag on the CLI `cf push -s cflinuxfs3`
Why can’t you do this for me?

Moving between stacks is completely painless for almost all apps. Unfortunately in rare cases manual intervention is necessary.

  1. Custom buildpacks need to support cflinuxfs3 (you are using a custom buildpack if the buildpack reference in your manifest is an url). You can see the supported stacks in the release notes of the specific buildpack. So a buildpack upgrade might be necessary.
  2. Outdated Dependencies. In some cases, apps might run on older versions of the framework of your choice or dependencies are outdated. In those cases updating the dependencies or your framework version.
  3. We cannot test your app for you. We have no access to your test suite. We therefore would not be able to validate that your app is running properly.
  4. If we update it and it breaks, we will not be able to debug and fix your app without running the risk of accidentally breaking more.
How much time do I have?

We currently plan to discontinue updates to cflinuxfs2 at the end of April and plan to remove the stack on 2019-05-31.

After removal, apps that are still using the cflinuxfs2 stack will stop and not start any more.

If you run into any issues along the way, please contact us at

We will gladly assist you in your migration to cflinuxfs3.

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