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Julian Fischer

Published at 16.05.2014

anynines Beta Is Drawing to an End

They grow up so fast…

At anynines we are shaping up to leave Beta. Besides good times, this means that we have updated our Cloud Foundry system so that it’s compatible with the command line utility (CLI) v6. Have a look at this article to get a more detailed description of the changes.

The CLI v6 has been completely rewritten and is much faster and easier to install than the previous versions. What is more is that the new CLI allows you to tail the application logfiles, so you can see what happens to your applications in realtime. Read here how to install the new CLI.

The new Cloud Foundry setup is more stable with multiple instances of important CF components in different availability zones.

As soon as we will remove the Beta label from our website we will offer trial periods of 30 days to our new customers. Existing beta customers will automatically enter the trial period. More information on the beta and the trial period can be found here.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you might have regarding the updated Cloud Foundry version, or us leaving the beta phase. We are happy to help.

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