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Sven Schmidt

Published at 22.03.2018

anynines Platform as a Service Is Back in Germany

Over the last two years, while the anynines public PaaS was running on AWS in Ireland, we have received lots of requests for our service to run in Germany. Don’t ask any longer for that, because we are moving back to Germany.

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anynines Platform as a Service back in Germany – What else is new?
  • We have set up a brand new Cloud Foundry on AWS Frankfurt
  • We will retire the Ireland Cloud Foundry on April 9th, 2018
  • Beginning today, if you are a paying customer, a9s Ireland will be free of charge until it is shut down
  • We upgraded all services, bye MongoDB 2.6, hello MongoDB 3.4
  • We also added PostgreSQL 10
  • For a limited time, a9s LogMe, an the on-demand ELK stack will be available for evaluation before we will charge you for it
What does this mean for an existing customer?
  • First, head to and create a new account
  • Push your apps to the new cloud
  • Migrate your data
  • Add your billing data to
I was provided with a special discount/extended free period

Just shoot us a mail with your organization name on the old and the new platform, and we will take care of it for you.

I am a user currently on trial on anynines-ireland

Just create another account, you will get another trial.

How do I migrate my service data?

This can be achieved by using cf ssh, see this handy guide the same thing can be done in reverse on the new system.

Why can’t you move my application data?

Unfortunately your application might contain secrets that we should not be able to see, that’s why we’re asking you to move your data yourself. If you need any help, just shoot us an email.

What do I need to do to ensure my app running smoothly?

After you transfer your application to the German instance, you need to make sure your DNS is pointing to the new instance.

The address of the new instance will be The only difference to your old app will be that the default domain uses ‘de’ instead of ‘’ If you use a custom domain, you can just change the CNAME from to When this is finished your dig queries will contain CNAME

Unfortunately distributing DNS records might take up to a couple of days, so make sure the old instance is up and running until the DNS shows the right record. You can check if the DNS has been updated by running dig or using an online tool like Pingdom to make sure everything’s fine.

When are you planning to retire anynines-ireland?

As of this blog post, we have disabled new registrations to anynines-ireland. We ask you to migrate your data to anynines-germany until April 9th, 2018. At this date, we will shut down the system in Ireland completely and will only support our German Cloud. We know it is on short notice, but we will do everything we can to help you in this transition.

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