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Sven Schmidt

Published at 29.06.2018

anynines Platform as a Services – New Plan & Prices

Today we are happy to announce that together with a price reduction on the anynines Platform as a Service (PaaS) we are expanding our service instance offering for you.

Table of Contents

  • New Service Plan Option: Nano
  • New App Instance Pricing
  • Service Prices
  • Where Does This Reduction Come From?
New Service Plan Option: Nano

We thought about the best size of a service instance for you, to use for most of your development and test purposes, so we decided to create the ‘nano’ plan.
Maybe you have seen the ‘nano’ plans already in our Cloud Foundry marketplace. You can see which services we offer here.

Beginning on the 1.7.2018 they will be the default service plan for trial organizations, replacing the small service plan, which will then only be available for paying customers. The ‘nano’ plan is available for a9s Data Services with the exception of a9s Elasticsearch due to its system requirements. For this service, the plan that is enabled for trials will remain single small.

New App Instance Pricing

We have improved our automation over time. So much so, that we decided to pass those savings on to you. Therefore the new price for an app instance goes down from 0.03360215054€ per hour of an 512mb app to 0.01612903226€ per hour.

To save you from calculating it yourself, this means instead of paying 25,00€ for a 512mb app per month, you will now only pay 12,00€ . With the remaining 13,00€ you can now run a second instance, which will make your app high available, and even have enough money to spare to buy yourself your favorite chocolate bar.

Service Prices

Due to basically the same reasons that apply for app instances, the service instances will be cheaper too.

How much? We are keeping the existing pricing model, all single small instance costs the same no matter the service. Here are the new monthly prices for services:

  • Nano (new): 20,00€
  • Single small: 40,00€ (-50,00€)
  • Single medium: 60,00€ (-60,00€)
  • Cluster small: 100,00€ (-70,00€)
  • Cluster medium: 180,00€ (-100,00€)
Where Does This Reduction Come From?

The price reduction is coming nearly exclusively from automating the platform lifecycle. Instead of sitting some people in front of a computer for a day, we now let a pipeline do its job. Most availability issues are already caught by our automated staging system, and only deployments that pass its checks are considered for our production environments.

Due to this we reduced the staff involvement during a single update to around 1-2 hours per upgrade of the whole environment. Human intervention is only necessary when errors occur, which is more and more infrequent.

If you are not yet on the anynines PaaS, then you can sign up for free now.

We are running on data centers in Germany and offer you on-demand dedicated services, hosted in the same data center. This ensures that unlike with some other providers, your requests to your database do not get routed via the public internet. Due to the dedicated nature of all data service instances you can also be sure that no other user impairs your use of your data service instance.

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