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Published at 30.04.2014

Cloud Native

Meet You in the Wild at the Berlin Web Week!

Next week Berlin will host the Web Week, with re:publica, the Media Convention, Heureka, tools, droidcon, the API Days, the LinuxTag (where our own Julian Weber will give a talk) and many other tech related events.

Earlier today we were present at the press briefing for re:publica (and the Media Convention) and we are excited to see the conference’ main themes evolve into data protection topics. Re:publica, taking place May 6-8, aims to educate the ‘digitale Gesellschaft’ (loosely translated: digital community) on net surveillance and how to protect your data from evil do-ers.

Re:publica announced a whopping 350 sessions (160 english talks) and a total of 500 international speakers, the youngest speaker being 12 years old. In that respect it’s the first year re:publica offers discounted student tickets and touches the topic of Open Education and offering programming courses as part of every school’s curriculum.

With keynotes by Jakob Applebaum (TOR project), Jilian York (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Sarah Harrisson and Ron Deibert (Citizen Lab) we are pretty sure there will be an extended coverage of what the political implications of the changed environment are.

Proof that data security is no longer a nerd topic is the joint session by Mikko Hyppönen and David Hasselhof, the latter being ‘Freedom Ambassador’ for the Finnish security firm F-secure. Who would have thought?

We are additionally looking forward to the sub-conference Science Lab, the Makerspace and the Lange Nacht Der Startups (LNdS) supported by Deutsche Telekom. And we are curious to find out what Laptop Yoga entails.

Can’t make it to re:publica? All sessions will be available as a podcast little after the talks took place.

Find Julian at the LinuxTag. His talk – NSA? No thanks. Build your own Cloud (with OpenStack and Cloud Foundry) – comes recommended, naturally.

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