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Samaneh Nasihatkon

Published at 23.10.2020

Digital Transformation

Cloud Foundry Summit EU 2020 – What You Missed!

Gathering experiences and memories from virtual summits are very different and sometimes challenging in comparison with attending in-person events.

Do you remember the times you visited our booth and received our bags which gave you the proper place to hold and save all the kudos and brochures you wanted to gather from the conference?

Oh, man! We miss those days … [ ? Listen to Those Were The Days ?]

But at least we have the networking opportunities and learning from each other during the virtual summits and recently at the Cloud Foundry Summit EU 2020 from 20th to 22nd of October. 

The main event was held on October 21st and 22nd and we had the chance to co-organize the first virtual CF Summit Unconference together with EngineerBetter

Thank you all for taking part and keep the networking spirit alive. 

What happened during the latest virtual Cloud Foundry Summit EU 2020

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Table of Contents

Cloud Foundry Summit Europe 2020

Cloud Foundry Foundation organized the summit with IBM Cloud, SAP, SUSE, VMware Tanzu, anynines, Datadog, Atos, and Stark & Wayne as sponsors and TFiR, and The New Stack as media partners.

All of us are passionate about building the networking environment for the Cloud Foundry community. After all, it’s all about the users. 

CF Summit Unconference

Ivana Scott (Business Operations Manager at EngineerBetter) and Sara Fischer (Sales & Account Manager at anynines) organized the first virtual CF Summit Unconference. It was hosted by Dr. Xiujiao Gao (Client Lead & Senior Cloud Engineer at Stark & Wayne).

During the Unconference, attendees listened to 3 talks:

  • ‘The Essence of Kubernetes Operators’ by Julian Fischer from anynines
  • ‘A Brief, Wild Ride Around Quantum Computing’ by Marco Coulter from AppDynamics
  • ‘Cloud Foundry is Dead! Long Live Cloud Foundry!’ by James Hunt from Stark & Wayne

After the talks, hosts announced the nominated topics for Open Space Discussion sessions:

  • What should the future of CF look like?
  • Do VMware care about CF any more, and do the Heptio overlords want to continue investing in it?
  • What is the future of BOSH ?
  • Can Large CF VM sites really migrate to CF k8s?
  • Data Service Automation for CF on K8s
  • Should the CAPI talk to k8s directly?
  • Quantum Computing
  • How to build an effective service marketplace on K8s ?
  • How many folks here know someone that is using route services? Will they be missed from cf-for-k8s if not implemented?
  • Migration from CF VM to CF K8s

Unconferences attendees selected 3 topics they liked and the most voted ones were:

  • How many folks here know someone that is using route services? Will they be missed from cf-for-k8s if not implemented?
  • Migration from CF VM to CF K8s
  • What should the future of CF look like?

at the last part of the event, a breakout session was created for each topic.


We had the opportunity to announce our latest products and services during Cloud Foundry Summit EU 2020.

anynines announced extending a9s PaaS. The public Cloud Foundry platform operated since 2013 comes with integrated data services for Cloud Foundry. Recently multiple Kubernetes extensions have been launched in closed beta.

For customers requiring a dedicated environment, a9s PaaS is also available as a software distribution called a9s Platform. The a9s Platform is an automated solution for building and running Cloud Foundry Platform and Kubernetes environments on private, public, or hybrid clouds. It ships with the a9s Data Services comprising automation for the most frequently demanded data services.

The a9s Data Services complete the platform to fully enable application developers to write contemporary Cloud-Native applications and integrate with both the Cloud Foundry Marketplace and the Kubernetes Service Catalog. Additionally, anynines offers a variety of remote management options turning the a9s Platform into your turn-key solution for establishing a full features application platform within weeks.

anynines Talks
Service Broker Integration with K8s Operators 

Julian Fischer, Chief Executive Officer

Cloud Foundry can be run on top of or alongside Kubernetes. Simultaneously, Kubernetes becomes more popular for automating data services, and in particular, the operator pattern is applied frequently. In this talk, you will get a brief introduction to the operator pattern and how it works. Furthermore, it will be discussed how operators can be integrated with Cloud Foundry using Service Brokers. After this talk, you will have a conceptual understanding of operators and how they might fit into your Cloud Foundry marketplace. 

Watch the whole talk now:

Cloud Foundry on Kubernetes – Our Trails and Trials

Patrick Hartz & Martin Valencia Flores, Platform Engineers

Even now when Kubernetes is becoming more and more popular CF is still a great choice to make microservices available to the outer world. The portability of applications, the easiness of scaling, and the dynamic routing are just some benefits.

Nowadays VMs are starting to be left behind in favor of containers, and CF is a prime candidate to bring to Kubernetes. For all the reasons mentioned above, and for the user experience that has been gained and built over the years. Progress does not imply starting with a totally clean slate, progress is built upon strong foundations. In this talk, we will take you with us on our journey, and tell you why and how we deployed CF on Kubernetes and what challenges came along this road.

Keynote: Welcome & Opening Remarks – Chip Childers, Executive Director, Cloud Foundry Foundation

Cloud Foundry has made this transition and now Cloud Foundry is a Developer Experience For Kubernetes. 

— Chip Childers

There is more work to be done, both to help the existing users to make the transition and keep pushing and maturing the shared path

Cloud Foundry Foundation mission for this year is to bring the benefits of the cloud Foundry developer experience to Kubernetes cluster everywhere

SUSE and Cloud Foundry: Helping Customers Simplify, Modernize, and Accelerate – Troy Topnik, SUSE

Cloud Foundry Application Runtime (CFAR) has some complexity. This is what suse did to simplify and accelerate it: 

KubeCF together with Quarks operators can turn cf-deployment releases into Helm charts and manage them on Kubernetes.

— Troy Topnik

Also, here’s a list of the next generations components:

  • cloud foundry/cf-for-k8s 
  • Uses only next-generation CFAR components 
    • Eirini
    • Kpack
    • Paketo build packs
    • Istio
Cloud Foundry for Everyone! – Matthias Haeussler & Thorsten Jakoby, NovaTec Consulting GmbH

Matthias and Thorsten talked about the basics of Cloud Foundry and kicked off a Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes deployment on one of Microsoft shore environments. 

The impressive thing is the timestamps. You can see it’s around 3 minutes what it took me to deploy Cloud Foundry onto an existing Kubernetes cluster.

–Matthias Haeussler 


Knowing all about online events challenges, we want to thank you for attending the summit and visiting our booth. You can keep in contact with us by subscribing to our newsletter. 

We’re looking forward to meeting you and newcomers at the upcoming events.

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