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Sara Lenz

Published at 07.07.2017

Digital Transformation

Cloud Foundry Summit Santa Clara 2017 – A Short Recap

Table of Contents

The Summit in the Valley

California – Santa Clara – June 2017. THE most important event of the year, the Cloud Found Summit in the Silicon Valley.
This is the unique opportunity for everyone to meet all Cloud Foundry enthusiasts and the elite audience of technical pioneers, who all use the Open Source Platform-as-a-Service.
If you are a keen CF developer or interested in Cloud Foundry, you have to come to this great event with participants from 24+ countries. Only here in the Silicon Valley you can feel the original spirit of Cloud Foundry.
About 2.000 participants of the world’s most talented innovators, developers, operators, users and managers supported by the largest technology companies came together. Only here you can meet every influential person of the Cloud Foundry sector in one place.
You have to take the opportunity to talk to these interesting and awesome people.
The CF Foundation counts 64 members and from every industry sector such as the manufacturing, telecommunication and financial services.

Many interesting events

The three-day Cloud Foundry Summit 2017 event began in Santa Clara with the Community day, a Hackathon and the traditional CF Trainings. The beginning of the conference couldn’t be more diverse.
Like every year: it was really hard to decide which of the events you want to participate in, but I can surely say that every choice is the right one.

Voting on topics for Community Day at #CFSummit starts now! We’ll be talking multi-cloud, IPv6, onboarding developers & much more!

— Cloud Foundry (@cloudfoundry) 13. Juni 2017

On the three-day event over 126 talks were waiting for the participants with topics like CF in the enterprise, cloud-native Java, cloud-native Node.js and projects updates, polyglot in-memory, experiments & extensions.

Closing remarks by @ab415. Thanks to all those who came, participated & engaged with us at #CFSummit!

— Cloud Foundry (@cloudfoundry) 15. Juni 2017

Abby Kears, the new CEO of the Cloud Foundry Foundation opened the Keynotes on the first day and announced the Cloud Foundry Developers Certificate and other training options for CF interested parties, as well as the new member of the Foundation: Microsoft.

Big news from the #CFSummit: @Microsoft joins the @CloudFoundry Foundation as a Gold member!

— Pivotal CloudFoundry (@pivotalcf) 14. Juni 2017

Introduction of the Cloud Foundry Developer Certificate

During the CF Summit the new training program for Cloud Foundry Developer Certificate was announced and it was also possible to become one of the first certified members. The program has been open to everyone since the mid of June.
The training program is performance & community-based and independent of any distribution vendors.

‘The Cloud Foundry Developer Certificate is a professional cloud-native developer certification. It’s the best way for developers to demonstrate their cloud skills and expertise It also helps developers to set themselves apart in a competitive job market.‘ – Cloud Foundry

Until now 5.000+ developers have already been trained and the first participants have been certified.
Our Cloud Foundry team is also studying the training courses and they are about to become certified developers as well.

First #CloudFoundry Certified Developer hoodie in the wild!

— Devin Davis (@DevinDavis) 15. Juni 2017

The program is assigned for developers to demonstrate cloud skills and is highly productive during the work with Cloud Foundry.
Go ahead and become a certified developer and part of the community, too.

Meet the Community

The CF community grows continuously and also last year the community has increased to more than 200 user groups with 70.000+ members and 2.400+ contributors all over the world.
It doesn’t matter where you are based or currently stay, there is a user group in every country.

All these influential Cloud Foundry people built more than 51.000 commits so far. And there are more every day.

A vibrant community that’s growing and growing. #cfsummit

— B R I A N R O C H E (@BrianRocheBos) 13. Juni 2017

The Cloud Foundry Ambassadors

Ambassadors of Cloud Foundry have been a fixed element of the event and community since May 2016. Every year there will be new participants / Cloud Foundry members nominated for their great work for the CF community – to built CF relations all over the world.
On this CF Summit I was so surprised and honored, when I saw my badge with addition information ‚Ambassador‘. I appreciate that someone in the community nominated me to become an ambassador.

I’m proud to become an ambassador for @cloudfoundry here at the #CloudFoundry Summit in Santa Clara

— Sara Lenz (@SL_SaraLenz) 13. Juni 2017

Without these ambassadors the community would not grow as fast as it does now.
They are volunteers and they show their good will for the community.
The ambassadors are really easy to find on the CF Summit, they have a red label on their name badge and they will help you to answer every simple and also the complicated questions during the Summit, but of course also when the event is over.

Just ask them, they will not bite you.

Proudly, finally, I’m an official @cloudfoundryorg Ambassador! See you at the #cfsummit booth?

— Benedict Dodd (@bendodd) 13. Juni 2017

Diversity Luncheon

The diversity luncheon gave an insight into the success of women in tech. They share their experiences and the steps to become a successful women in a men business, as a developer or manager.
Even one of my male colleagues considered it his favorite program point of the conference. He liked the discussions at the diversity luncheon and the personnel insights as well as every story the participants shared.

The key factors are the importance of women in the tech workplace and how they become happy, successful and thriving in this working field.
Cloud Foundry provides a great platform for diversity and they encourage the women to work in a technical sector as well.

Kicking off the diversity lunch at #CFSummit@kholtzblatt talking about women in tech & why they leave 2x the rate of men #cloudfoundry

— Cloud Foundry (@cloudfoundry) 15. Juni 2017

See you in Europe

The Cloud Foundry Summit 2017 in the Silicon Valley is over, but the next Cloud Foundry Summit for this year taking place in Europe is already announced.
If you haven’t attended a Cloud Foundry Summit, yet, remember the date for Europe and come around. It will be worth it. Promised!

See you in Basel, Switzerland in October 2017 – the next place to be.

Amazing 3 days of #cfsummit – thrilled to welcome you at the #cloudfoundry summit in Switzerland


— Swisscom_Dev (@Swisscom_Dev) 15. Juni 2017

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