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Ankita Sharma

Published at 03.09.2021

Cloud Native

Cloud Native Meetup Saar #3

Everything you missed in the third edition of the event from rap battles to KUDO

Table of Contents

  • What is it all about?
  • What did you miss?
  • In summary
What is it all about?

Recently, anynines co-hosted the Cloud Native Meetup Saar #3 with p3r. The digital event was super successful and fun, it was live-streamed via Twitch, and we are now sharing the content on our YouTube channel. We’ve heard from three expert speakers from the Kubernetes community. People from all over the world attended it and enjoyed participating in it.

The meetup takes place every 2 months, where both newbies and OGs from the Cloud-Native and Kubernetes ecosystems come together, share, learn and exchange knowledge on the beloved topic of Cloud Technologies. The discussions range from Kubernetes & Containers, communities, distributed computing & monitoring, and best practices in the cloud-native world.
The aim of the meetup series is to establish a community in South-West Germany and bring together more people who are interested in Open Source Cloud Technologies, and Cloud Native Computing Foundation. (CNCF)

What did you miss?

Three expert speakers shared their knowledge and experience in the meetup.

Speaker 1: Bart Farrel, Captain of the crew at Data on Kubernetes Community

Topic: Data on Kubernetes Community

The self described “amateur rapper” and CNCF’s ambassador; Bart Farrel, was the first speaker of the afternoon. He lives in Spain, where he is a community leader and “is a tech on the human side,” meaning he is an expert on managing and bringing together different talents in the tech community. He shared his knowledge on the topic of “Data on Kubernetes Community”, taking examples from his 6 years journey sailing the tech industry. He is always interested in meeting new community members, learning about different cultures ‘n technologies, and helping folks feel supported.

By the way, if you want to check out his cool rapping skills and follow him on Twitter, you can touch this! 

Can't touch this? You definitely can't match @realneilwhite's skills when it comes to explaining Ahoy. Ahoy can get you a Helm chart in 10 minutes!

If you missed his @DoKcommunity livestream, check it out here-

Hammer time!

— "Birthmark" Bart Farrell (@birthmarkbart) August 27, 2021

Speaker 2: Tim van de Keer, DevOps / DataOps engineer working at Fullstaq

Topic: Apparently I am doing DataOps

The second presentation came from Tim van de Keer; he went candid about his own experience on “Apparently I’m doing DataOps”, talking about how he slipped into DevOps 2 years back and hasn’t looked back since. Tim is a DataOps and Data Engineering enthusiast. Also, he is a proud member of the DoK (Data on Kubernetes) community. Tim is interested in DSP programming and used to make electronic music. He also loves to make tacos, experiment with food, and he recently took up guitar and enjoys playing it.

He brought a creative spin to his presentation by using sketches and brought life to a technical topic.

Follow Tim on his Twitter.

Speaker 3: Julian Fischer, CEO at anynines

Topic: Data Service automation prototyping with KUDO

And last but not least, Julian Fischer shared his expertise on “Data Service automation prototyping with KUDO.” KUDO stands for Kubernetes Universal Declarative Operator, and is a toolkit that makes it easy to build Kubernetes operators, in most cases just using YAML. The CEO at anynines is passionate about the topic of data service automation, and explained in a very straightforward way how to build prototypes using this toolkit. He blew everybody’s minds in the process because of how easy it actually is working with KUDO.

Check out Julian’s talk here:

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Follow Julian on his Twitter or on LinkedIn.

In summary

The Cloud Native Saar Meetup #3 was a knockout! It was a smart way to promote exciting conversations inside the tech community, sharing knowledge, experiences, struggles, and how to overcome them. It’s the human enthusiasm in the Cloud Native Community that brings it all together because bringing people together is what technology is all about. 

If you would like to share your knowledge with the community, please feel free to reach out to us.

Want to join the next Cloud Native Meetup? Join us on the meetup page.

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