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Renata Souza

Published at 26.11.2021

Cloud Native

Cloud Native Saar Meetup #4

Our fourth edition of the Cloud Native Saar Meetup happened on the 10th of November of 2021, and this time it was another success with a couple of extra-special details.

Our event has now become an official chapter of CNCF’s official calendar, and for that occasion, we were given an exclusive space for discussions and news at their website.

We have also started a Twitter channel to be closer to our audience and to share news of our current, past and upcoming events. 

We had two amazing speakers this time, and their speeches were very well balanced. Whilst one went down a more organisational path, the second was technical and practical.

Table of Contents

  • Konstantin Diener
  • Tech Decisions To The People!
  • Cheuk Ho
  • Open Source ETL – Developing a tap and target for
Konstantin Diener

Our first speaker was the CTO of cosee, Konstantin Diener. He has worked on software development for more than 15 years.

His role as CTO shifted his focus to agile leadership topics, and how to create a productive environment for self-organised engineering teams.

Konstantin speaks at conferences and was the author of “DevOps Stories”, a column about culture, leadership, agile and DevOps.

Tech Decisions To The People!

As Diener said himself, this may sound completely obvious, but you have to let your team decide what technologies to use, not your CTO or a higher-level architect. Well, some things are easier said than done, and that shift of decision making power is not always easy.

The developers in self-organised teams know the problems to be solved and the possible solutions best. However such decisions do not work without rules, and in the addition, there is one question that often arises: How many standards do we need for all teams?

In his speech, Konstantin summed up the challenges and gives a practical report on pragmatic solutions and approaches for self-organised team-based technology decisions.

Cheuk Ho

In the second half of the event, we had our first woman speaker since the beginning of Cloud Native Saar Meetups, Cheuk Ho. 

She is an astonishing speaker who after having a career in data science, now brings and knowledge in data and passion for the tech community into TerminusDB as DevRel Lead.

Cheuk constantly contributes to the open-sour community by giving free tutorials on Twitch, where she is a creator, and organising sprints to encourage diversity in contributions.

Open Source ETL – Developing a tap and target for

Cheuk’s speech was incredibly fast-paced and technical. But she managed to send her message loud and clear to the interested audience, not with practical wording but also with live coding.

She strategically starts with the premise that with the many options of databases and data products out there, pulling data from one and pipping it into another has become a common task.

Using taps and targets, she creates her own pipeline easily. So she shows how to develop them in Python to work with a graph database.

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