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Robert Gogolok

Published at 21.08.2015

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Cyberduck – Your Best Friend With Swift Service

anynines’ Swift Service is a great tool enabling your apps to store files in our cloud storage solution. When you’re using it with your application, it might be handy to browse the anynines Swift storage with a GUI client.

Cyberduck is a great GUI client that can be used as OpenStack Swift browser to transfer files to and from your anynines Swift Service. Check out the following tutorial. It will show you how to use Cyberduck in order to access the anynines Swift Service instance in only a couple of simple steps.

Table of Contents

  • Get credentials
  • Connect with Cyberduck
Get credentials

At first, you must collect the Swift Credentials bound to your app. The Credentials get exposed through environment variables of your app. You can list the app’s environment variables by using the _cf_command:

[bash]cf env APP_NAME[/bash]

The output will contain the Swift credentials if an anynines Swift Service is bound to the application.
Here’s a sample output:

"swift-1.0": [
   "credentials": {
    "account_meta_key": "vq782FA4qhLfMX1pB1iO",
    "authentication_uri": "",
    "authentication_version": "v2",
    "availability_zone": "hydranodes",
    "name": "29554ded-dbbb-12f1-9fae-6039bf806569",
    "password": "XTHn1tsRl1l1zPkjt8zt",
    "self_signed_ssl": false,
    "service_type": null,
    "tenant_id": "2b9fa3cbda2144549211ff8035710608",
    "tenant_name": "",
    "user_id": "3f3905f40e44435f8f0931dd486189af",
    "user_name": ""

You will need the attribute values tenant_id, user_name and password for the configuration of Cyberduck.

Connect with Cyberduck

Ok, now you have everything you need to domesticate your own Cyberduck ;) Take a few following steps:

  • Start Cyberduck.
  • Open a new connection and select the Swift (OpenStack Object Storage) profile.
  • Fill in as the Server, 5000 as the server Port.
  • Username is made up of tenant_id and user_name, separated by a colon.
  • Fill in the password above.

Finally you can connect to the anynines Swift service and browse your data. It’s really that easy!

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