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Melanie Siemann

Published at 19.11.2021

Company Culture

Donations For Animal Shelters Fill Our Hearts With Puppy Love!

Table of Contents

  • Origin of the idea
  • Handing over donations
  • Our appeal
Origin of the idea

You know – we love dogs! And because of our particular affinity for four-legged friends in the office, the anynines team decided to collect donations for animal shelters as part of our office dog day.

Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of many people in our team, a considerable sum was collected, and we decided to divide it between our two favourite animal shelters. 

Handing over donations

Animal Keeper, Frederick Guldner, and Financial Manager, Peter Rauland, from the animal shelter Bertha Bruch in Saarbrücken,  received a check for 300€ and a big bag of dog food from our Head of Human Ressources, Jessica Schuster, and our Corporate Administrator, Melanie Siemann.

They were immensely happy about the support and invited us to a small guided tour over the whole area. They told us about what guides them to help so many animals that were not compatible with their home and came to their shelter, and it’s not appearance, because all dogs are beautiful, but their nature. For them, their hearts are what is more important, and education is essential from the beginning.

At the animal shelter in Niederlinxweiler, our Sales Representative, Insa Gasper, also presented a check for €300 plus a food donation. Animal keeper Alexandra Herrgen gratefully accepted the assistance. This shelter is held dear in Insa’s heart since it was there where she met her four-legged soul-mate, cute lady Paula.

Our appeal

Both animal shelters are currently in full capacity, and all these furry friends are waiting for a new family so they can give their love and loyalty. In addition, any donations – including, food, monetary support or time as volunteers – are always welcome and help provide care, attention and medical treatment for the animals.

If you are interested in supporting you can contact the animal shelters here: Animal Shelter Linxbachhof and Animal Shelter Saarbrücken

There are no small contributions and puppy love will fill your heart!

The story continues

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