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Julian Fischer

Published at 03.06.2013

Harder, better, faster – anynines!

First of all: folks – thanks for being with us! We wouldn’t ever dream of building anynines without you.

We’ve got an announcement. A big one: anynines is getting a huge upgrade.

Soon, we will update our Cloud Foundry to the cutting-edge 2.0 version. anynines will be one of the first to provide the new features of CF 2.0. And yes – we are excited.

Let’s get down to the gist of this post – the upcoming changes and new features:

Buildpack support – anynines will detect a buildpack that’s best for you app, run it and tell you when your app’s ready to work. No framework restraints, no language worries, no nothing.

Domain Management – configure your domains & manage them easily via anynines. A single command is all you need to link domains with apps.

Advanced Rights Concept – make your organisation simple & efficient by dividing it into individual spaces, each which its own anynines environment.

Fair Pricing – Pay for what you use. If you decide to use anynines after the beta, we’ll sit down and count your actual use of the services. We play clean & fair.

In order for all of this to happen you must migrate your running apps to the new system.

This needs a human operator,  so we’ll send you an e-mail with instructions.

That’s all folks. Bear with us and tell us what you think. We’d love to hear from you.

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