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Heiko Krämer

Published at 24.04.2014

Hello, OpenStack Icehouse.

We are excited about the final release of OpenStack Icehouse. Since the Icehouse Design Summit in Hong-Kong the team of contributors added a new integrated component (Trove), completed more than 350 feature blueprints and fixed almost 3000 reported bugs. So, what’s new (read: updated) in OpenStack 2014.1?

Find source code and a complete lists of features and bug fixes, for each integrated project:
Nova (cloud computing fabric controller), Swift (Object Storage), Glance (Image Service), Neutron (Networking), Cinder (Block Storage), Keystone (Identity), Horizon (Dashboard), Ceilometer (Telemetry), Heat (Orchestration) and Trove (Database Service).

The OpenStack Icehouse Release Notes contain an overview of the key features, as well as upgrade notes and current lists of known issues.

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