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Julian Weber

Published at 11.12.2014

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Introduction to the cf command Line

This article is intended for developers new to anynines and Cloud Foundry. We will walk through the typical steps to deploy an application to anynines. You will learn how to use the cf command line tools to interact with the anynines servers._

We assume that you already registered with and downloaded and installed the cf CLI tools from here.

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We created a simple example application for demonstration purposes. Please have a look at it here. It is a small, standard Rails app using ActiveRecord with a MySQL backend.

Let’s clone the application to our local machine:

[bash light=”true”]$> git clone[/bash]

As we want to dive deeper into the cf command line, we won’t use a deployment manifest in this tutorial. For more information on deployment manifests please refer to our article dedicated to that topic.


Before deploying applications to anynines we need to choose the cloud’s API endpoint and login using our anynines user credentials:

[bash light=”false”]$> cf api

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