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Oliver Wolf

Published at 08.07.2014

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Introduction to the User Invitation Feature

With this blog post we want to inform you that it’s worth to risk a look at our customer panel. You are now able to invite collaborators into your anynines organizations and spaces.

You can find the feature labeled as ‘Permissions’ at the top navigation bar where you are able to invite coworkers to your organization or spaces.

There are two different kinds of roles you can assign to new users. Depending on whether you invite a user to an organization or to a space.

Organization Roles

  • Organization Manager: Able to invite new users and manage permissions of the organization and its spaces.
  • Billing Manager: Able to specify payment information for the organization.
  • Organization Auditor: Able to see all spaces and applications.

Space Roles

  • Space Manager: Able to invite new users and manage permissions of the space.
  • Developer: Able to deploy and manage applications in the space.
  • Space Auditor: Able to see all applications, routes, etc.

Coworkers who are not registered at anynines yet will be created after they have confirmed the invitation.

Enough of words, start collaborating or signup to get your first organization.

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