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Heiko Krämer

Published at 20.11.2014

Cloud Native

OpenStack Summit 2014 in Paris – A Review

The OpenStack Summit 2014 ended after a great week in the heart of Paris. A wide variety of cultures and people with different backgrounds – like business, operations and development – met to discuss all that’s new in the OpenStack world. The conference was organized excellent for all attendees, speakers and sponsors. Other conferences with a similar size might have toubles with the Wifi connection, amongst other things, not so at the summit. We even got to enjoy French cuisine every day.

Big, global players like HP, BMW and Cern presented keynotes about their usage of OpenStack in big private or public clouds, the amphitheater in the middle of ‘Le Palais de congrès de Paris’ as their stage. And by means of big surprise Dr. Stefan Lenz (IT and Data Center Manager for BMW) arrived on stage with their new i8 model.

I attended several sessions and most of them were really informative and of a high level. One of the biggest topics was Docker for Nova. My personal favorite was the A Practical Approach to Dockerizing OpenStack High Availability session led by Kalonji Bankole, Daniel Krook, Shaun Murakami and Manuel Silveyra. They posed some interesting ideas how to run OpenStack services in Docker containers to make it HA (Highly Available) in combination with Heat.

I was positively surprised with the number of PaaS sessions on the OpenStack Summit. I met with Ferran Rodenas (Pivotal), Animesh Singh (IBM), Kalonji Bankole (IBM), Matt Johnson (Cisco) and other great minds at a design session for the OpenStack BOSH CPI. We discussed issues, feature suggestions and what we will need to change in the future. Find the discussion roundup on etherpad for more information.

During the main summit days (03. Nov – 05. Nov) every evening had its own sponsored event. Great occasions to meet people and they were all well organized at beautiful locations in Paris. Summarizing the summit I would call it perfect, I met nice people, had great discussions and really got some new ideas. I look forward to the next summit in Vancouver.

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