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Melanie Siemann

Published at 25.06.2021

Company Culture

The (Bow)-Wow-Effect: We Love Our Office Dogs

There is only one thing better than a dog: many dogs!

With the pandemic and the related movement to home office it became quiet in our office. Very quiet… and we start missing our four-legged colleagues in particular.

Office dogs are welcome companions of their owners and form an essential part of the anynines family.

Not in vain the saying goes: the dog is man’s best friend. More than that: office dogs are true lucky charms.

Table of Contents

  • What our office dogs do for us
  • What we do for our office dogs
  • Our idea for the office dog day
What our office dogs do for us

With their presence they reduce stress: they make us feel more satisfied and have us work more efficiently. The production of oxytocin in our organism is enhanced. This hormone lowers our blood pressure and helps us to calm down. 

Low stress levels not only raise performance and the ability to focus, but they also considerably minimize the risk of burn-out syndrome.

Besides, further factors of dog keeping support our well-being: walking the dog makes us take necessary breaks regularly and move in fresh air. Little breaks for playing can help relieve tensions in our job. 

What we do for our office dogs

For the pets there are also positive effects:

Dogs are pack animals and they do not want to be separated from their family for a long time.  Therefore, most of them are happy when they are allowed to accompany their owners to the office instead of staying all alone in an empty apartment. Another benefit for the dogs are the social contacts with humans (and other animals ;-)) in the office.

Our office dogs Luna, Zoe, Pincho, Henry, Josie, Paula, Luna (no mistake, there are really two of them;-)), Neijiro and Rin get along very well. Of course, every now and then there are some small quarrels, but most of the time they are soon buried in oblivion.

That is although the dogs are very different. Some are small, some huge, some are calm, others curious and lively. All of them are of different origins. Several dogs were adopted from animal shelters and animal rescue stations. What they all have in common is: they blend in harmoniously.

Our idea for the office dog day

To us the tireless commitment in these animal shelters and animal rescue stations is  well worth supporting and therefore we took the international office dog day as a great reason to encourage voluntary donations.

Hopefully, all furry inhabitants will soon find new cosy homes and maybe also become office dogs one day.

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