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Julian Fischer

Published at 18.03.2014

Cloud Native

We Are Proud to Support Rails Girls Summer of Code

Last year, Rails Girls Summer of Code was a raging success: over 30 students worked on Open Source projects for 3 months, most of them full-time and supported by the community and company sponsors. We’re excited to see Rails Girls Summer of Code shaping up for yet another summer. The office we share with Travis CI in Berlin is full of life and Ruby code!

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Rails Girls Summer of WHAT?

Rails Girls Summer of Code offers students a scholarship so they’re free to learn coding. It’s all about helping students to further expand their knowledge and skills by contributing to an Open Source project – like Sinatra, Rails or Spree, last year’s projects.

What does anynines have to do with that?

Last year we supported this initiative in a more classic sponsor way (read: we donated money). This year we are determined to be more personally involved. Floor (who is already quite involved with the Rails Girls community) will spend part of her time co-organizing, and we support her. This makes us a Supporting Organizer. Some of last year’s most successful students teams have been supported greatly by local companies like Soundcloud who allowed developers to spend a certain amount of company time on coaching students.

A good amount of work on organizing Rails Girls Summer of Code is done by volunteers, and Travis CI supports Rails Girls Summer of Code by paying Anika Lindtner to work on this through the Travis Foundation. Yet, since the amount of work is huge and they can’t do without your help! Often times companies have some sort of policy to allow developers to work on Open Source or other projects during work time. If you do, you should consider to get aboard as well!

We suspect more of us at anynines will get our hands dirty this summer. Sharing an office with such an enthusiastic bunch is… quite tempting!

Thinking about applying as a student? They’ve just published a new, shiny application guide. Plus: make sure you read this post by one of last year’s participants. Care to help out as a coach? Do get in touch with the organizing team. As a company you can actually help out a great deal as well. Just check out this blog post on how to contribute to Rails Girls Summer of Code.

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