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Renata Souza

Published at 27.10.2021

Company Culture

Welcome Wednesday: Hannah Bubel

This lovely metalhead is Hannah Bubel, born and raised in Saarland, has a sharp eye for editing and outstanding talent with visual arts, including photography and sketching.

Hannah loves nature and her hometown, and her passion for her work also shows in her attention to detail, and every day we learn a bit more from her as she came to complete the in house video production team, which represents such a great deal of the content generated in our channels.

So let’s dive into the peculiarities of the path that led her to anynines and learn a bit more from brilliant Ms. Bubel.

1- We are thrilled you have joined us Hannah, can you please introduce yourself? 

Hello everyone! :) 

My name is Hannah, I am a 25-year-old media designer, born and raised in the beautiful Saarland!

2- What does your path look like until now?

Before I began working at anynines, I did an apprenticeship as a media designer for images/sound at a local radio station. There I could learn a lot about sound and radio advertising. I worked for a short time as a photographer for newborns in a hospital until I got a job at a table tennis equipment company. At this time, I was responsible for their advertising, e.g., designing print- and web adverts, taking product- and people photos, and managing the website.

Now I’m very happy to be primarily responsible for making videos, which has always been my favorite part of the job and was basically the reason why I chose this profession. :)

3- What are you doing when you are not working?

I like to take photos of people or nature, I draw and paint, and I absolutely love going to Heavy Metal concerts! In Metal, we trust!

4- Where are you originally from?

From Wittersheim in the municipality called Mandelbachtal in Saarland, Germany. A tiny village with around 600 inhabitants in the middle of nowhere.

5- What would people love about your hometown and why should they go there? 

Basically nature! The village is located in a valley with a cute creek, the “Mandelbach”, and it’s surrounded by large hills with beautiful forests on each top. This environment belongs to the “Biosphärenreservat Bliesgau” (biosphere reserve Bliesgau), known for its mesmerizing landscapes, forests, animals, and agriculture. If you like hiking, this is your place to go. Absolutely worth a visit! 

6- How did you hear about anynines? And what was your motivation for joining us?

Actually, I found anynines on the internet while searching for a new task in my life. My old job got too tedious for me over the years, and I deeply wanted to do more with video. So when I saw the assignment for this job and read that editing videos is the most significant part of it, I was really thrilled. 

7- What can you tell people, who are considering anynines as an employer?

anynines gives you a totally new concept of working and work-life balance – at the first moment, Silicon Valley came into my mind. 

You can literally feel that it’s crucial for the employer that its employees feel good, to do a better job. For me, it is an entirely new experience to work like this, and I would say it’s absolutely worth a try!

8- What will you tell people who are interested in video?

If you love it, do it and gain experience! ;)

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