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Renata Souza

Published at 08.12.2021

Company Culture

Welcome Wednesday: Matteo Olivi

This week in our employee introduction series we get to know a bit more about one of our Cloud Platform Engineers.

With a brilliant mind and a heart of gold, Matteo Olivi, pursued a career to better understand the world of software, after leaving beautiful Bologna to explore the world, he came to anynines, where he fitted right into the team. 

Since then, Matteo has been diving deeper into cloud computing infrastructure and distributed systems, and we are excited to see what is next for him.

1- Will you please introduce yourself? 

Hi, I’m Matteo and I come from Italy.

2- What have you studied? 

I have a BSc and MSc in Computer Engineering from the University of Bologna. 

During the final part of my studies, I got to dive deeper into distributed systems and cloud computing infrastructure. 

Although it’s still what I’m most passionate about, I’m curious regarding anything related to computing – and perhaps one day I’ll switch to a completely different subfield.

3- What does your path look like until now?

I had no plans to study Computer Engineering until the final year of high school when I realized that software is everywhere yet I had no clue how it worked. 

I have a very curious nature, so I wanted to understand what’s behind the magic, therefore I enrolled in Computer Engineering at University.

While studying I got to spend some time in the US, first at the University of Minnesota as a visiting student, and then as a Master’s thesis student at a company.

It was during the latter experience that I was exposed to the world of open source and Kubernetes, and I really enjoyed it.

After getting my Master’s degree I was looking for an opportunity to dive deeper into the same topics and came across an open position from anynines that was an ideal match. Hence here I am at anynines.

4- What are you doing when you are not working?

I really enjoy visiting art galleries and exploring new places, both cities and nature. 

I recently started learning to play chess and improving my cooking skills, but I am still a beginner at both. 

Also, I love skiing and swimming in the sea, but unfortunately, I can do neither of them frequently due to geographical reasons.

5- Where are you originally from?

I was born and raised in Bologna, Italy.

6- What would people love about Bologna and why should they go there? 

Bologna strikes the perfect trade-off between being a dynamic, buzzing city, and a quiet, restful place.

It’s home to the oldest university in the world, the economy is good and so is the nightlife.

But at the same time, it has a lot of calm parks, cafes, and squares to relax and enjoy the beautiful, medieval architecture that characterizes many buildings in the city.

Also, the food is amazing and I miss it a lot.

7- What was your motivation for joining us?

After completing my studies I wanted to work in the area of cloud infrastructure. 

A lot of job openings were about using the infrastructure to deploy and manage applications, but I was – and still am –  much more interested in building the infrastructure rather than using it. 

anynines had an open position that was exactly about that, so that’s what drove me here.

I was also excited that I would be working on a brand new product from scratch, it’s something that you don’t get to do often and it’s very instructive, in my opinion.

8- What can you tell people, who are considering anynines as an employer?

anynines is a small company that works on innovative products and treats its employees very nicely. 

So if you want to have fun working on cutting-edge problems together with friendly colleagues, definitely join us.

9- What will you tell people who are interested in Computer Science?

Try to learn both practice and theory, you’ll need both. 

If you’re a software developer, knowing the theory will help you be a better designer and architect, and to come up with solutions to problems more quickly.

 If you’re a theoretician, such as a researcher, proving your ideas by using them to build things, will help you refine and improve them.

Other than that, surround yourself with people who are more skilled than you and expose your work to their feedback as much as you can, even if it’s scary.

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