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Renata Souza

Published at 01.12.2021

Company Culture

Welcome Wednesday: Paul Eichler

This Wednesday we get to know a bit more about Paul Eichler, Working Student Platform Engineer. He comes from lovely Saarland and loves all aspects of his career path, including tutoring and spreading knowledge.

This friendly guy has a passion for motorcycles and old cars. Getting his hands dirty with vintage engines brings for him a great balance in contrast with working in tech engineering solutions virtually.

1- We are thrilled you have joined us, Paul, can you please introduce yourself? 

Hi, my name is Paul, I’m 20 years old and currently studying Computer Science at the University of Saarland.

2- What does your path look like until now?

How did I get into it? – Well, I was always interested in building things so I started with some small Projects on RaspberryPis and Arduinos, but it was never more than some small projects.

It wasn’t until my Computer Science classes that I began doing larger projects. But I really got into it and even started to create some programs for my school. 

In my 3rd semester, I worked as a Tutor for the lecture “Programmierung1” and I really enjoyed working with the students even though it was all online – because of COVID.  I would recommend that job to everybody who likes explaining and helping people, but still, it wasn’t what I was really interested in.

3- What are you doing when you are not working?

Besides work,  I really enjoy riding my motorcycle and I probably know most of the region by now. 

Also, I’m into classic cars, so some hands-on stuff, in contrast to my job. Which for me is an important thing to have, you can’t work all day long.

4- Where are you originally from?

I’m from the beautiful state of Saarland, where the Computer Science department of the University is large and well recognized, which led me to choose my career path pretty easily and I didn’t regret it at any point.

5- What would people love about your hometown and why should they go there? 

Even though we are a small state we have a lot of sights and really cool places to visit. And the people are very nice too.

6- How did you hear about anynines? And what was your motivation for joining us?

Personally, I learned about anynines at an employer convention at the university. I really liked how friendly the team was and also the possibility to work on large scale projects.  

So for me, my job as a working student is a possibility to actively be involved in the application of all the stuff you learn during the lectures, so it completes my study perfectly. 

7- What can you tell people who are considering computer science as their path?

I guess the best advice you can give is to get in touch if you’re interested, especially when you are interested in Cloud Infrastructure and  Kubernetes. 

We will be happy to answer your questions and discuss your perspectives here at anynines.

8- What will you tell people who are interested in Tech?

The best advice is probably to start with small projects and don’t worry too much about which language to start with – no matter what people say online. 

You will quickly learn new concepts that are used all over the field of Computer Science. 

Then set yourself new goals and implement bigger projects, get some feedback and remember,  it’s not a bug it’s a feature! ;)

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